January 10 tarot card

I miss him so much. Oh my goodness my heart breaks for you.


What made you give full custody over… I feel you have had some sort of breakdown and have been takenadvantage if whilst in a weak state. You will find the right lower a good counsellor but it will take time. Sending lots of love x. Hello, from what I can, things are going to start looking up for me.

I have prayed a lot and I have wanted this change for a very long time. The reading is pretty awesome. Could yo u tell how soon? Thank you, Donna. Confusion about where my life is going….. Im a young women and I feel very hopeless for the future. I have been through a lot in my life and nothing is really seeming to get better. I was wondering if there was anything hopeful in my future? If there is anything I have to look forward to? Will we be back together again? Any advice greatly appreciated and giving thanks in advance.

I have just lost my father in hospital to spirit just before christmas …and now homeless soon …Trying to remain positive to attract positivity not working :- Any flashes of positive things to come? Love and Light Peeps XX. I had interviews it seemed I will get this job, but at the end they say I am not selected. Why not me? How long I will have to wait? What is wrong with me? Dated a guy for 6 months and it was going great.

Then he said he just wanted a friendship but continued to contact me and we would spend time together. He spent a lot of time hunting but still kept in touch. Over the last two months he has backed off, but let me know he went on vacation. I am confused. Any words of wisdom would be great! I feel at a complete loss and my life has gone from perfect and happy to completely broken. Was I right all along? Should I go back? What do I do next? I am in love with this man who I only get to see once in a while.

Hi been having problems with an ex, he is with somebody else but 1 min tells me that he still loves me and misses me then a couple of days later he is all for her. We were 2gether for 5 years they have only been 2gether a couple of wks. He is confusing me please help x. Drop this lousy nassistic piece of crap asap. Like NOW. Hi, I feel so confused and anxiety filled about almost everything, money, my career, my relationship and living situation.

I would just love a break in any area of my life. Does anybody see any? Thank you so much. Hi my partner has his daughter in Australia and is trying to get access to her and his daughters mother is making it difficult. The drama has put a strain on our relationship.

I really want my future with him, I have no idea what to do! Romances are ships that pass in the night. Just fly out and stay with your parents. Move there would be good. I say this. Feel your soul. Feel the energy moving in around your body to the highest brow chakra and beyond the energy will be felt above your head into the twelfth chakra. Now move with it… This takes great practice.

This is your higher self. All that energy and love is being embraced by the Universe. You may feel sleepy when you do this. This is astral travel when our soul travels it searches. You are still attached to the body youwill return to your body. You will learn how to move ask questions to heavenly beings. This your guide who helps you in astral will also guide you back to your earthly body. And ask for their blessed help in future. This is a beautiful experience it is pure joy. Try to meditate to the sound of windchimes and rain to take you into a deep sleep.

You will learn how our souls can change things move around and hold conversations. What you experience in this state is a completely different experience here in the earth realm. Because it is physical. It takes a long time to learn how to do this. Good luck and blessings. But you do need to get help in communicating your concerns and worries over bills and juggling life.

Your son is the number one priority here. Am so sorry to hear you are looking towrite and say sorry to someone? You know this person MUST say sorry to you dear one. He must write or apologise in some form of communication. You may never receiveit as cold hearted man. Please Terri live yourself!. Onwards and upwards! I want to know why is my life keep on replaying? Who will end with? Why am I so judgmental? Who do I love? Why did I get this virus and by who? Why do I feel that my bestfriend was doing something behind my back?

Why do I hurt the people I care about? Why do others want what I have? Why do I always open up to the wrong people? Why am I always sick? Hi, I am trying to find a job and have been applying for months. Will I get a job soon? I need to sell an apartment located elsewhere. Will I be able to sell it quickly? Will I get a good price?

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I am beyond heartbroken. I want him back so badly. Should I continue to hold on? In my humble opinion, anything is possible. However, I would warn against blind hope. Do we cast our pearls before swine, and hope for the best? Nurture yourself, be kind to yourself, after all, you lost something that means everything to you.

Explore your alternatives, but I would not focus on him coming back. I realize this is more like conventional advice but it does come from the heart. I quit a bad job to try to start a business and borrowed money from my brother. No work, no money and no place to live soon unless I find work. What a mess. Follow my dream? I want to know if I will regain the love, health and money situation that I had prior to I currently have various muscular and skin problems since , and I then broke up my girlfriend of 2.

My cat of 15 years died 18 months ago, and my finances have become rock bottom in all this time. Can anyone give me some advice before I take my life? In life we do sometimes have these phases, but everything has a purpose and after a storm always comes the sunshine. Love will come and so do good things but at its own pace. Stay Blessed.

Hi I really need help, my partner left me with our children to another woman. I never done anything wrong but all he does is giving me tears, hurting n broken heart please help me. It is important to remember that when a relationship comes to an end both parties have gained as much as they can from it, and as such this relationship has run its course. Find the strength to move forward and concentrate your efforts on building a new life for yourself and your children. It may take a while, but eventually you will find someone who really values you for who you are.

Be patient and find that inner strength and things will soon change for the better. Hey, I am at a real confusing stage of my life and I am finding it hard to pull through. How is my future looking? I was with this guy for 2. He was sure about us.. I am 35 yrs old an indian citizen. My dob is 7th jan I am going through huge financial crisis for almost 9yrs which affecting me and my family dialy life directly. I am scared over me my family future. My family and I are homeless the last 3 weeks.

I lost my first child 7 years ago I was about two months pregnant. After I had a mis-miscarriage I never got pregnancy again. But I have been having dreams of water and sometimes fish. Shortly a week after I have had pregnancy symptoms, but it could just be my mind playing tricks on me. Morning, I have recently found out that theres been another woman around the guy i thought i had a future with… Please could you see if they are serious about each other and will they last, or do you see him coming back to me?? Thanks in advance. Do you still see a future through the heartache of another woman?

No big deal you were just wrong about your future because like all of us…you are not psychic!! Perfect time to reinvent your life plan, refocus and prepare yourself for the real guy in your future.. Hey I recently went through a pretty rough breakup. Moved across the country for a girl.

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I keep tryin to go back hoping that it will get better. Any suggestions or what can you tell me. I won lottery and varnish the money in less than 3 months, most interesting was that I never realized that I am bankrupt till 4 days ago. The whole thing happened sudden and quick. Plz what can you say about this. My card read worries, depression and sleepless night, which is exactly what I am going through right now. I wish I never won this money…. Plz was I not meant to win this money…. I used to have fun overcoming these challenges but I tired of never being left alone to be happy is it okay to leave?

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Just being intuitive, not actually psychic but ive learn to trust my insights basically the first thought I had: i suggest you get four friends you have any kind of history and take a summer trip, since you have no worries…create the excitement you seek. Hope this resonates. Your email address will not be published.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content. Click the start button to begin your tarot reading. Did you love this page? Share it with your friends! Loads of psychic tarot readings available FREE online. View free readings. Englishlady in USA. This was so accurate and so reassuring; I really needed this today. I am amazed at how accurate the free reading is considering I put no details in!

I have tried to get my free readings. Even putting phone in landscape position does work. Very relevant to my situation, time for change and planning. Hello I would like to know what my love life looks for the future :. Hi I would like know what blocks my future and how remove that curse. Could u please tell me if what im going thru with my family will ever end..

Hello Amanda There are lots more free readings for you to try here. Thank you x. Well I am going to trust this is correct. At the moment cant afford to pay. I am at loose end about moving home could you help me please if I will be moving this year. Hi Stacy. Thank you for your feedback. Payment in full required for registration. Please bring a lunch - there is a lot to cover in one day, so we need to use our time wisely! Add to Calendar. View Map View Map. Find out more about how your privacy is protected. Jan Sales Ended. Event description. Description The tarot can help you understand yourself better and teach you how to tap your inner resources more confidently.

Read more Read less. Map and Directions View Map. Learn to Read Tarot Cards. View Details. Follow this organizer to stay informed on future events. There comes a time when we all must ask for help. The squeaky wheel gets the grease—and there is nothing wrong with being a squeaky wheel sometimes. Give yourself permission to need people. Your kula tribe are those who authentically care for you. When you receive help from someone who loves you, it gives you an opportunity to deepen your appreciation and your relationship with that person.

Vulnerability is a strength. There is also a time for you to extend what you have and what you know to others and there is nuance in this. Do you give your money to beggars on the street or a well researched organization with outreach programs?

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Service seva is a step on the path of yoga that enriches your life and your perspective. A true practitioner is one who knows how to listen. The best way to practice listening is listening to your own inner voice in meditation. Sit quietly, breathe, hear your thoughts without responding.

Give this gift to others as an act of service and support. Knowing when and how to give is what allows you to be truly impactful. Complicated right? This is your task to overcome, and to fall in love with along the way. As the New Year begins, wake yourself from the singular focus of mastering your skills. Master instead the delicate balance of humility and generosity. After all, intentions are a dance—not a one way street. Be easy on yourself as you explore new ways of being and inevitably fall into old patterns sometimes too.

The only way to fail your resolution is to stop trying… just like yoga. Ask and offer help wisely and you will find success. I only recognize reversals if the information provided with the deck mentions them. I like to work with the intentions of the authors and artists who create a deck as well as my own intentions. It works for me. Wanderlust would like to email you useful information about our events, products, partners and services.

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