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Mr Taylor alleges the special report — which detailed the interactions of his family, including the relationship between himself and his father — wrongly suggested he is a "mobster", a "member of the mafia", and a "criminal involved in organised crime". Court documents filed on September 17 reference the second page of the newspaper spread, where Mr Taylor is described as "Daniel Ibrahim, John Ibrahim's wise guy son". Daniel Taylor is suing the Sunday Telegraph over this front-page story. A statement of claim alleges the newspaper knew it was false to call Mr Taylor a "wise guy", or showed "reckless indifference amounting to wilful blindness in making the allegation that the applicant is a wise guy when they had no basis whatever to do so".

The document alleges the stories were presented in an "over-sensationalised manner", indicating "intent to injure". Mr Taylor claims he was greatly injured in his reputation, has suffered hurt to his feelings, and has been brought into public disrepute, odium, ridicule and contempt. He is seeking damages including aggravated damages, the removal of the stories from the Telegraph 's website, an injunction preventing their repetition, costs and interest.

The newspaper feature, which used police surveillance tapes and court documents to paint a picture of the Ibrahim family, referenced notorious incidents such as John Ibrahim helping to wax off a man's eyebrows.

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Several pages detail the relationship between Mr Taylor and his father, including Mr Taylor recounting a physical fight between the pair while speaking in an intercepted phone call. One of the stories reported Mr Taylor suggested his father's autobiography Last King of the Cross would be a top seller in Caltex. The financial mood could potentially get tricky by the middle of the year. Factor flexibility into your model. Life is calling you out of your own backyard. This new year will give you an impetus to recalibrate your sense of direction.

Perhaps there are large decisions to be made to get yourself back on track. If you depart from what you know to be true, your inner critic will have a field day. With Pluto and Uranus in earth signs, there are likely to be bumps. Navigate them with patience and intelligence. The year begins with Venus spending time in Capricorn which is not an environment you are entirely comfortable in. Capricorn seems too hard, pragmatic and solitary for your sensibilities. How well you deal with your alone time will determine how well you do in the dance of relationship.

By the end of the year Venus will be in Scorpio, suggesting that you will be intensely emotionally engaged. Let love heal and change you.

The year begins with a selection of indicators pointing towards your having to get practical matters in hand. Librans are prone to drifting into romance. This is an endearing and important quality but not relevant to your asset list.

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  • Financial matters are afoot. Your capacity to weigh up both sides of an argument and come to a balanced conclusion, is priceless. Tap into it. The tectonic plates of economy are likely to shift as Uranus enters Taurus. Life is calling Librans to come forth and assert their balancing presence. The more the world gets out of whack, the more the voice of equanimity is required.

    Indecision is largely based in fear. The answer is courage. Uranus has been unsettling you for years whilst travelling through Aries. By the middle of the year his disturbing presence shifts. This will bring your stress levels down. Re-commit to your passion for harmonious development. For most of the year Jupiter will be passing through Scorpio.

    Jupiter exerts pressure to expand, grow and grab hold of good fortune when it shows itself. This applies to love, life and money. Venus will be in Scorpio near the end of the year, which means that you are in the midst of a slow burn that is heading incrementally towards increased receptivity and delight. Let it grow and move the way it wants to move. Slowly increase your social circles too. Uranus moves into Taurus in the middle of the year. It will be directly opposite you, shining its light all over you. Uranus is about sudden shifts and changes, ultimately intended to liberate us from our self-made prisons.

    Taureans are focussed on stability which makes this a very interesting transit indeed. There will be instability but of the kind that opens new doors. Ride the tide and move slowly. Switch on your smarts. As Jupiter continues to move through Scorpio, so his expansive presence puts pressure on you to depart from your most recent hiding place.

    Break the habit of keeping yourself one step removed. At some point your passion for contributing your valuable secrets to those who are hungry for them, will kick in. To be able to expand, we first need to see that we are hemming ourselves in.

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    Saturn has been travelling through your constellation for years. He has been adding constraint and discipline to your resume. Later this year Jupiter moves into your sign. Jupiter is your ruling planet, which means you should feel like a puppy rolling round in a mountain of fluffy toys. Your love life is transitioning. The brakes are off. Saturn has moved out of Sagittarius. Whilst there he applied the brakes and despite initial resistance, made you more sensible. Now that he is absent, you will feel less fettered. This should give you the opportunity to try out your new set of financial instincts.

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    The beginning of the year could have you operating tentatively. By the time Jupiter arrives later in the year, bringing with him huge amounts of encouragement, you should have found your fiscal feet. The shackles are off. With Saturn gone, you are free to bounce around a whole lot more than you have been able to for some years.

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    Saturn is now moving through Capricorn. Saturn is your planet. Saturn will offer you a choice. Do you want to choose aliveness or constraint? In love you will be asked to trust your own wisdom instead of relying on the endless stream of advice that keeps coming your way. Own up to the fact that you have your very own thread that leads to truth. Take responsibility in love. The good news for Capricorns is that Saturn is returning home after about twenty-eight years of wandering through all the other signs.

    In terms of money and career, this is brilliant. You will feel like you have access to your most sensible neural pathways. After you take advice, trust your own nous. Pluto is still around. Keep an eye on your relationship with power. You are in line to get every little bit of your mojo working. The Sun fills you up with vitality at the beginning of every year. Saturn rules the spine. There will be moments of surprise throughout the year, especially in the latter half of the year — but you will have all your clarity, talent and mountain-climbing surefootedness at hand to deal with any contingencies.

    Sunday telegraph australia horoscopes

    Pluto will keep rebooting you. Uranus, your planet, has been moving through Aries for years, leaning on you to figure out the difference between reactivity and response, between activity and action. By July Uranus will have moved into Taurus, changing the game completely. Liberation will come from celebrating your earthiness, your sensuality, your love of this life. This is perfect for romance.

    Any habits of avoidance or disassociation you have, are from this point on, redundant. Uranus has lead you on a wild financial dance, whilst it has been traversing the feisty environs of Aries. Life has certainly been adventurous but possibly not quite as settled as you would like. Come the middle of the year he shifts across to Taurus. Taurus is an earthy place. The call will come to find a path that is solid, steady and imbued with physical beauty. As your wish for all this gets stronger, so you will find the means and opportunities to put it into place.

    Your whole sense of direction is likely to shift this year. For a few years now you have been leaping into the wild blue yonder taking on new adventures. From the middle of the year you will be working on bringing to ground all that you have learned in the process of adventuring. This is a year for setting foundations, for building something substantial and new. Old patterns that were keeping you stuck have turned to dust and been blown away.

    Enliven your senses. Communication is everything. What you have to say defies words at the best of times. This makes your task an interesting one. You will have to be a poet, an artist or a dancer to get your message across.

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    It might take what seems like an eternity to feel like you are ready to share your secret. The second half of the year should have you articulating your heart and soul to those who count, in every conceivable way. You are better at navigating currents of change than most.