Gemini man gemini woman love compatibility

Their mutual love of knowledge, variety, and sexual activity can also make for great common ground. However, neither sign is necessarily very grounded, while both can be incredibly flighty.

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The chances that this union will fizzle out as suddenly as it began are great, but with proper dedication, it can also be a rewarding and innovative pairing. Gemini Compatibility. Best Matches Libra : This is a match that can definitely be said to be the ideal partnership. Wild Cards Gemini : On the one hand, two Geminis are much better than one when it comes to building a relationship full of great conversation, adventure, fun, and fascinating ideas. Search Search for:. Share the Love…. Free Birth Chart Wheel. It represents twins. From the other perspective, it is a symbol of dualism.

And now we have a Gemini man and a Gemini woman in a relationship. How will the things go? Great, absolutely great. This is one fun and relaxed relation. This is the talker.

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Gemini man always speaks a lot. Not only he speaks but he also poses many questions. Gemini man is so curious that it can go on your nerves sometimes. The other times it will be so cute that you will spend hours and hours talking to him. His intelligence attracts people to get closer to him and have a word. Even if you talk with him for the first time, it will sound like you two know each other for the whole life.

The 7 Fundamental Gemini Traits, Explained

This is the way communication with the Gemini man goes. Besides that the Gemini man is a really social type, he is very fun and outgoing, fast and perky. He is also active and wants to go everywhere. He is capable of doing more things at the same time. Multitasking is also the characteristic of intelligent people.

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Yet, he talks a lot, but when it comes to turning words into action, the Gemini man will get tired. He needs someone to pushes him and go in step with him. No one has that power of imagination and ideas such as the Gemini man. Gemini man is a genius in the one hand and a complete silly in the other.

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Women, be careful! Listening to him, looking at his smile, just being in his company is enough for you to fall in love with him. He has that charm and the aura that is fatal for the women. Besides his personality, he is also handsome and attractive physically. When you combine that two, it is hard to resist a man like Gemini.

Yet, he is used to the attention of the women. It is not strange that he is in a parallel relationship. He is a flirt and will fly from one flower to another. In case you start a relationship with him, be prepared for the outflow of flirt with the other women. He is not a gentleman and as he talks about the other things, he will talk about the women he had been with.

He does that to prove himself as a man and to get more male friends. The need of the Gemini man to constantly reassures himself that he is a macho type leads him in the wrong way. But, jumping from one to another relationship will eventually take him to the right woman. And that is when he will become loyal and reliable. You will maybe think that a Gemini woman is everything as a Gemini man, but there are some differences. Still, there are many similarities also.

Gemini woman is a social and friendly type. This fun-loving couple will be able to overcome challenges and if their relationship survives their fickle nature, it has the potential to last long. Other than being flighty the potential downside to this matchup is their frequent exchanges of wit which can lead to feisty debates.

These are highly intellectual people who need to express their ideas. My Verdict: Gemini people can have a great future together because they know each other all too well. Therefore I say, go for it! We use cookies to give you the best online experience.

Gemini and Gemini Compatibility, Love And Friendship

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